Suggested upgrade from Pegasus2 R4

  • Last Post 13 July 2023
ron Brinkmann posted this 10 July 2023

Looking for recommendations on a replacement for my Pegasus2 R4 (4x 3TB drives striped to give me 9TB) which I've somehow managed to fill up.

I'm assuming I could just drop in some bigger drives and continue using it but it's like 7 or 8 years old so it's probably time to consider upgrading.

I no longer really do any editing so speed isn't CRITICAL, but it's still nice to have snappy performance when using the thing. And since I've got a new MacMini (M2) with the fat Thunderbolt 4 port I figure I may as well take advantage of that. And I should probably future-proof myself by getting something that gives me at least 18TB?

I've been VERY happy with my Pegasus2 and am thinking I should just go ahead and stay with Promise but the 4-bay Pegasus32 is also only setup with 16TB which, at the rate I'm going, might fill up sooner than I'd like.

Is it possible to special-order with more than 16TB or do I just have to order that and change out the disks myself?

Or, should I be considering something other than Pegasus32 R4?

R P posted this 13 July 2023

Hi Ron,

Apparently Apple only carries the SKU with 4TB drives, but Promise has SKUs with larger drives. I think there is a 6TB SKU and I'm sure there is a 10TB SKU.

Please contact and they will put you in contact with the nearest reseller.