Software Win10 and Linux for TX2300

  • Last Post 10 April 2023
Jan Snaas posted this 09 April 2023

I am reviving a RAID with TX2300 card on Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu - found the driver for Windows working on this forum ft-tx2300_2200-windrv_v2.06.0.311 and ok on Windows 10 - the BIOS for the card is recognized by the BIOS of my motherboard and shows OK, for the management of the card and the setting up of the RAID I would need a working WebPAM version with the CIMOM agent and the local utility server -- been searching for a few hours but can not find - would you please advise on this to save the working of this card on my system. 

R P posted this 10 April 2023

Hi Jan,

Did you check the legacy downloads?

Here is the latest WebPAM for Windows. It does not list Windows compatibility, but given the file date I expect it's for Windows 7.

Most Windows 7 apps will run on Windows 10 (except maybe Red Alert and Yuri's Revenge), but you may have to run the installer and the app in compatibility mode. This page may be of assistence,