Smartstor 4600 drive keeps failing

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Roy van Kleef posted this 05 July 2018


On my Smartstor, the bottom drive keeps failing. I've replaced it with a new drive twice. I've swapped the drives, to see it it is the same in every bay, but every once in a while the drive fails. Sometimes almost twice a day.

If I take the drive out, and put it back in after a minute, the starts checking the driv again nd it wordks. Sometimes it doesn't, and then I swap it for a spare drive. That always works. It then needs rebuilding however, and lately it only works for a day and then it happens again.

I don't know what is causing the issue. It's pretty warm here lately, so could it be a fan issue?

If I would replace the storrage for a new one, can I use my files, or do I need to save them somewhere else first? It is a RAID 5.

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Venkatachalam Settu posted this 05 July 2018

Hi Roy,

It might be a slot issue. Please backup your files as soon as possible from the volume. The data may not be accessible if you insert all the drives into a different kind of storage device.

Thank you.


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Roy van Kleef posted this 06 July 2018

Thank you!