Setting the SMARTPollingInterval

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Daniel Larsson posted this 22 January 2020

I've had problems with disks dying suddenly, with the result that the unit and the GUI stops responding. The trouble is, that I never get any heads up of the disk going corrupt. I checked the settings using the command line interface and found that the parameter SMARTPollingInterval is set to 2160000 minutes. That is every 4 year! How can I change the SMART polling interval?

cliib> subsys -v

Vendor: Promise Technology,Inc.        Model: Pegasus2 R6
PartNo: F29DS6722000000                SerialNo: N/A
Rev: B3                                WWN: 2000-0001-5557-ec5c
CBSN: M92L14201700407                  Interface: Thunderbolt
cliib> ctrl -v

CtrlId: 1
OperationalStatus: OK, BGA Running     PowerOnTime: 1 hour 50 minutes
LUNAffinity: N/A                       LunmappingMethod: WWN Based
CacheUsagePercentage: 0%               DirtyCachePercentage: 0%

Vendor: PROMISE                        Model: Pegasus2 R6
PartNo: F29DS6722000000                SerialNo: N/A
HWRev: B3                              WWN: 2000-0001-5557-ec5c
CmdProtocol: SCSI-3                    CBSN: M92L14201700407
MemType: DDR2 SDRAM                    MemSize: 512MB
FlashType: Flash Memory                FlashSize: 8MB
NVRAMType: FRAM                        NVRAMSize: 128KB
BootLoaderVersion: 5.04.0000.62        BootLoaderBuildDate: Nov 2, 2018
FirmwareVersion: 5.04.0000.62          FirmwareBuildDate: Nov 2, 2018
SoftwareVersion: 5.04.0000.62          SoftwareBuildDate: Nov 2, 2018
BIOSVersion: 5.04.0000.62              BIOSBuildDate: Nov 2, 2018
SingleImageVersion: 5.04.0000.62       SingleImageBuildDate: Nov 2, 2018
CtrlCPLDVersion: 6.08

DiskArrayPresent: 1                    OverallRAIDStatus: Critical
LogDrvPresent: 1                       LogDrvOnline: 0
LogDrvOffline: 0                       LogDrvCritical: 1
PhyDrvPresent: 6                       PhyDrvOnline: 5
PhyDrvOffline: 0                       PhyDrvPFA: 0
GlobalSparePresent: 0                  DedicatedSparePresent: 0
RevertibleGlobalSparePresent: 0        RevertibleDedicatedSparePresent: 0
RevertibleGlobalSpareUsed: 0           RevertibleDedicatedSpareUsed: 0

WriteThroughMode: No                   MaxSectorSize: 4KB
PreferredCacheLineSize: 64 KB          CacheLineSize: 64 KB
Coercion: Enabled                      CoercionMethod: GBTruncate
SMART: Enabled                         SMARTPollingInterval: 2160000 minutes
MigrationStorage: DDF                  CacheFlushInterval: 3 second(s)
PollInterval: 15 second(s)             AdaptiveWBCache: Disabled
ForcedReadAhead: Disabled

PowerSavingLevel: 3                    SpindownType: All drives
IdleTimeToParkRwHeads: 30 minutes      IdleTimeToLowerRotationSpeed: 2 hours
IdleTimeToSpinDown: 2 hours 30 minutes

SGPIOBackPlane: Default/Generic (0)    SASReadyLED: Off
SpinUpDelay: 0 millisecond             PowerManagement: Enable

SecurityAdminPassword: N/A

PciFuncAddr: N/A                       PciLinkSpeed: N/A
PciLinkWidth: N/A



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Raghuraman Kannan posted this 27 January 2020

Hi Daniel,

Please save the service report from the Utility and open a case at . 

We will review the logs and will advise you on the next step.

Thanks !

Daniel Larsson posted this 29 January 2020

Alright, I've filed a support ticket.

Daniel Larsson posted this 29 January 2020

So, for future reference , the setting is hidden in a place called Component List reached from the menu item Device.

Top menu => Device => Component List => Controller . . . => Settings => SMART Polling Interval