Sanlink3-T1 Catalina 10.15 Mac support

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Ray Foss posted this 4 days ago

My coworker updated to MacOS catalina, and w're getting this message. Any timelines for updates? Any explanation on what the issue may be?


Thank you

PROMISE Technology Inc. posted this 4 days ago

Hi Ray,

This CNET article explains...

  • Protections for low-level system software
  • For low-level software some developers write -- the "drivers" used to let a device handle specific hardware like webcams or printers -- Apple is steering developers toward a safer approach.
  • In MacOS, developers could write extensions that interface directly with the lowest-level part of the operating system, called the kernel. Now it's begun gradually banishing kernel extensions in favor of system extensions, which are walled off from the kernel so they don't get low-level privileges.
  • Catalina will be the last MacOS version that'll run kernel extensions "without compromises," Apple said. And in an unspecified future MacOS version, Apple will prohibit any kernel extensions whose jobs can be done with a system extension.

So the next OS release after Catalina will require System Extentions and Kernel Extensions will no longer be fully supported. The article is unclear, apparently after Catilina kernel extensions will be able to run, but with 'Compromises'.

The development team is aware of this.


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