SANLink3 N1 and Apple computers with M1 chips

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Paul Haring posted this 2 weeks ago

Is the SANLink3 N1 compatible with Apple newest computers with M1 chips? In particular I'm looking at the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the new M1. 

Also is the SANLink3 N1 plug and play? If I leave the adapter connected to my Synology NAS, can I connect and disconnect the laptop without fuss? I would be setting manual IPs for the NAS and the SanLink3 for a direct connection. Will the Mac retain the manual settings for the SANLink3 N1 in the usual area for network adapters?

Thanks for your help.



Ranjith kumar posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Paul,

Sanlink3 N1 will work with Apple M1 chips computers. Yes, Sanlink3 Na is plug and play for Mac system.

Yes, you can connect laptop whenever you need it. Mac also retain manual setting(DHCP) for the Sanlink3 N1.


Promise Team