SANLink2 10G Windows Installation Instructions?

  • Last Post 10 August 2020
Phil Putnam posted this 27 July 2020

Hi, we've been an all Mac shop for awhile, but recently added a PC for some stupid reason because someone thought we could save SOOOO much time in rendering but yet here I am spending hours doing troubleshooting so how about those time savings hahaha.

Deep breath.

The PC does not have a 10G ethernet card, so I'd like to use our SANLink2 into the Thunderbolt port. I successfully downloaded and installed the driver, and I see the SANLink as a device on the TB card, but I can't seem to find a way to tell my SAN software to look there for a network connection, and I can't seem to find a way to tell the PC that there is a network connection on the TB port.

The Promise website does not have any instructions for PC installation and configuration. Does anyone have any experience on PC that can point me in the right direction to make this configuration work?

Many thanks,


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Ranjith kumar posted this 07 August 2020

Hi Phil,

Have you checked with configuration in your SAN setup?

For Windows PC, you just need to install the Sanlink driver and utility to connect with Sanlink2,

if you able to see Sanlink2 connectivity at utility, then Sanlink2 is working fine. Now you check

with SAN setup.

Please reach us through for quick response.


Promise Team

R P posted this 10 August 2020

Hi Phil,

I don't have a Windows machine with a TB port with which to test, but I suspect it works the same as in the MAC. The MAC's SanLink 2 utility is not used to set IP addresses, in the MAC, you use the Settings > Network to configure ethernet ports and Wifi.

I suspect it's the same with Windows. You probably need to set the IPs with the Control Panel.

This Microsoft KB might be of help.

Also, check in the Device Manager that your TB port is configured and working. You should probably also see the SL2 there.