Sanlink2 10G Base-T Not working on iMAC 2015

  • Last Post 12 August 2020
Federico Oliva posted this 06 August 2020


We are having issues at my office with this.


The device was working and suddently it stopped working. 

I have restarted the device itself, by unplugging and plugging its power back. Installed the driver 4 times and restarted the computer, checked that is visible from the Thunderbolt bus and it recognizes the plugged cable both to the computer and to the device. 

Installed the driver 1.8.2 from the website, not sure why there is another version of a driver names SR3.0.8 

Even installed SANlink Utility and the device appears there but both Port1 and Port2 are grayed out. 

kext_policy VALUES('268CCUR4WN','com.promise.driver.SANLink2-10GE',1,'Promise Technology Mobile Apps',1);

Not sure what else to try honestly. running out of ideas, this is a production office and we have around 10 of this devices to connect the servers with our oldes IMacs and Macbooks



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Ranjith kumar posted this 07 August 2020

Hi Federico,

-Is there any abnormal light status on the Sanlink2 10G Base-T?

-Have you checked with different Thunderbolt 2 cable?

Please reach us through creating a web support case at for further assistance.

Thank you,


Promise Team

Federico Oliva posted this 12 August 2020

The light is green, different cables same results. 

I created a ticket and I was only given a line of code to type on the terminal that didnt work and they closed my ticket. 

Any other approaches or troubleshooting I can go step by step?