SANLink2 10G Base-T - Big Sur - Intel Mac Compatibility?

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Farish Media posted this 2 weeks ago

Any update?

At one point, Promise support (Ranjith Kumar) posted that drivers had been released for SanLink2 10G Base-T running Big Sur on Intel hardware.

He posted this link: 

The PDF instructions in that link show that it is for SANLink3 on M1 Mac. The version is listed as 3.0.5

Is there a driver for Big Sur on Intel?


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R P posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Farish,

The M1 drivers support both M1 and Intel processors. It's just like many years ago when Apple changed from PowerPC to Intel, drivers of that era supported both PowerPC and Intel.

Farish Media posted this 2 weeks ago

I'm not confused by drivers supporting multiple platforms, I'm confused by how Promise is distributing this driver.

If you go to the Promise Dowload Center, choose SANLink2, and choose the 10G Base T model, the latest driver listed is from 2019 (SR3.0.8  - which actually dowloads a driver labeled 1.8.2).

If you search the forums, you may find the link I posted above.

But if you download that link, the title of the PDF accompanying the drivers says "SANLink3 F2 Driver on M1 Mac Installation Guide".

There is no mention of support for other SANLink products being supported by this driver, and no driver installation instructions for other SANLink products.

It's all very confusing.

So, to be clear "F_MacDrv_V3.0.5-2" will work with SANLink 2 devices on Big Sur / Intel?

Should I follow the SANLink 3 installation instructions that accompany it?

R P posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Farish,

Apologies, there has been some confusion here. Primarily both the Sanlink Fibre and the Sanlink Ethernet are referred to as Sanlink. And of course most posters for the last 6 months have been asking for the M1 drivers.

The only new drivers released have been for the M1 Pegasus and the M1 Sanlink fibre. At this time there are no M1 drivers for Sanlink 10Gbe.

To the best of my knowledge (I have not tested) the latest Sanlink 10Gbe driver should work on Intel Big Sur if you follow the M1 PDF instructions to allow 3rd party drivers. You will get the warning about legacy driver support, but it should work.

Have you tried the latest driver on Big Sur?

Farish Media posted this 1 weeks ago

Not yet, I have been looking for some confirmation that it works correctly and I didn't want to mess up our production machines.

I will try attaching my SANLink2 to a iMac running Big Sur now that I know it's a possibility.

Can you link to which driver I should use specifically? Again, the Downloads page is not consistent.

If you go the "SANLink 3 F2" downloads page, the current version shown is 3.0.10, but when downloaded, the version is 3.0.5-2.

Same thing?


R P posted this 5 days ago

Hi Farish,

If you go the "SANLink 3 F2" downloads page, the current version shown is 3.0.10, but when downloaded, the version is 3.0.5-2.

I'm confused, I thought you needed drivers for the Sanlink 2 10Gbe.

But the driver you show is Service Release 3.0.10 (SR3.0.10), driver version 3.0.5-2. The service release is different from the driver version and the service relerease number does not track the driver version number.

Luc Charbonneau posted this 4 days ago

Hey y'all,

We confirm that Sanlink210G Base-T is not working on Big Sur on our intel machines. We rolled back to Mojave cause Catalina is messing with SMB and is quite unstable to keep media share connected.

We wanted to have Big Sur on all our Mac Pro 2013 computers to match the new Mac Silicon we bought.  All Mac Pros are connected to a Media Server via Sanlink210G Base-T.  So we are stuck!

Now we are looking for trade/sell all Promise units to have something actually working without compromise.

R P posted this 3 days ago

Hi Luc,

I just checked and had no issues with the Sanling 2 10Gbe on Intel Big Sur.

I did not have a 10Gbe switch at that location, but the driver loads and the Sanlink 2 10Gbe works.