Sanlink Fan is starting to make a lot of noise

  • Last Post 08 September 2023
Sam Edwards posted this 08 September 2023

Is this something that's user replacable? If not, how can I get it repaired?



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R P posted this 08 September 2023

Hi Sam,

Many forum posters have taken their unit apart and googled a replacement from the failed part's manufactrer and partnumber. The parts have ranged from power supplies to controller batteries. Others have dissassembled their units to add additional memory.

When my NUC's fan failed, I took it apart, googled by the fan's partnumber and ordered a replacement for $13 from Amazon. In this case dissassembly was a bit of a challenge.

Another possible fix is to take the SANLink apart and add a few drops of very light oil to the fan's bearings. I've fixed a few fans with a few drops of clipper oil. This may or may not help depending on what's wrong with the fan. And if sleeve bearings are used the bearings are enclosed and it's very difficult to get oil to them.

These options require some amount of technical experience and the right tools. In this case a jeweler's screwdriver kit should suffice.

Sam Edwards posted this 08 September 2023

I'll crack it open and have a look. Thanks!