SANLink 2 10G SFP+: (Native?) support for Apple M-Series with Ventura

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Frank Born posted this 3 weeks ago

After switching from an Intel Mac Pro (Trashcan) to a MacBook Pro (M1 Pro CPU), I can report the SANLink 2 10G SFP+ module works (Ventura 13.0.1). System was set up from a TimeMachine Backup of the Intel machine.

Only caveat at the moment: MTU size can't be set (stays on "automatic" and 1280; was manually optimized 8244 before); SANLink Utility is dysfunctional. From the server, read speed is good, writing speed is worse than before.

Anyone has a similar setup? Will there be a SANLink Utility for M-Series?

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R P posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Frank,

With Ventura the SANLink 2 uses a macOS driver, not a Promise driver, the SANLink Utility should not be used.

The MTU can be adjusted from Settings > Network > Thunderbolt Ethernet Slot 1 > Details > Hardware.

The slot number may be different in your MAC.

Frank Born posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi RP, that is not entirely correct: The MTU size I used before (8244) is far outside the now allowed narrow range (1280 to 2034) and will be set back to 1280/automatic when a number outside that range is inserted; if you are with Promise and have any possibility to change that with Apple please do so. This is quite a performance killer.