Rollback Promise Pegasus R6 firmware

  • Last Post 21 August 2023
James Lee posted this 16 August 2023

After updating to 5.04.0000.61 , my R6 doesnt mount my pass thru disks , mounts the RAID 0 array but it beach balls my Intel Mac , Crashes my M1 and the Promise Utility hangs. Is there a way to revert it back to the previous firmware? My other R6 on a much older firmware works fine with both intel or M1

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R P posted this 17 August 2023

Hi Jeremy,

This is the first issue reported for 5.04.0000.61. But you should be able to reflash an earlier version, probably you should use the same version as your other Pegasus.

Please try this, eject any Volumes that are mounted, remove the thunderbolt and power cable and unseat all the hard drives, don't remove them just slide them out an inch or so. Then reinsert the power cable and thunderbolt cable and let the Pegasus boot diskless.

The promiseutil is the best way to flash the firmware.

promise@promises-Mac-mini Downloads % promiseutil
Promise Utility
Version: 4.06.0000.01 Build Date: Aug 4, 2021

List available RAID HBAs and Subsystems
Type  #    Model         Alias                         WWN                 Seq
hba   1  * Pegasus   R6                                2000-0001-5562-81e0  1

Totally 1 HBA(s) and 0 Subsystem(s)

The row with '*' sign refers the current working HBA/Subsystem path
To change the current HBA/Subsystem path, you may use the following command:

  spath -a chgpath -t hba|subsys -p <path #>.

Type help or ? to display all the available commands

cliib> ptiflash -f /Users/promise/Downloads/R_SI_504000057.img

To add the firmware file name just drag the file from the finder and drop it into the terminal.

I used 5.04.00000.57 as an example, use whatever firmare works in the other unit.

After the firmware downdate you can power off the Pegaus and reinsert the drives.


James Lee posted this 21 August 2023

Where do i get the older firmwares? 

R P posted this 21 August 2023

Hi Jeremy,

Go to the promise webpage at, click support, then click download center.

Select Legacy, and select your product from the pulldown menus.

The firmware can be downloaded from the firmware section.