Rocky Linux / RHEL 8.6 - stex driver missing

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christopher lowden posted this 12 June 2022


I have a Pegasus R4 that I have been connecting without issue Centos 7.9. I have migrated to Rocky Linux 8.6, which is a mirror of RHEL 8.6 and I discover that the stex driver, essential to making the Pegasus mount, is not in the RHEL 8 kernel. Is there an alternative way to mount the drive without the stex driver or is there a rpm installer ?

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R P posted this 13 June 2022

Hi Christopher,

If this is you it looks like the folks at Rocky Linux were helpful and everything is working.

The Pegasus does require the STEX driver, there is no way around this requirement.

It looks like the 'elrepo' repro contains the STEX driver. A repo is probably the simplest solution.

But the source code is also available on GIT and the device driver can be compiled from it.


christopher lowden posted this 18 June 2022

Thanks for your reply.

It is me and I following the instructions but it was pandora's box as moving off the official rocky kernel broke other services.

As I have never compiled drivers before, is this considered à dangerous task?

christopher lowden posted this 20 June 2022


Thanks to Toracat at the Rocky Linux forum and the ELREPO bug team, the stex driver has been built for RHEL 8 & 9 and added to ELREPO. The link below explains how to get the EL8 version.

This RPM install works for me on Rocky 8.6, kernel 4.18.

christopher lowden posted this 20 June 2022

Here is the ELREPO ticket

Please note that "The module can be used on RHEL and anny compatible distro (e.g, Ricky, ALMA etc, but not CentOS Stream)"

R P posted this 20 June 2022

Hi Christopher,

As I have never compiled drivers before, is this considered à dangerous task?

It is not dangerous, but it's not a task for a linux newbie either. You would need to create a build enviornment to compile the code. This includes installing gcc, the kernel headers and depending on the dustro maybe a few other things. If you get something wrong the worst that can happen is that the driver won't load or it will crash the system. If that happens, delete the driver, figure what was done wrong and try again.

Git seems to have a makefile for this and there is also documentation.

But if you have the compiled driver available on a repo there is no need to compile from source code.