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Boby Irawan posted this 24 March 2017

Hi All,

I create the new filesystem on vtrak a class, my question is how big rgsize for this configuration if i using this command

"fs -a add -n ANIMASI_4 -s "blocksize=4KB, rgsize=? journalsize=8MB, inoderatio=1:7" -g "name=data_animasi_4, allocsize=4KB, layout=stripe, stripesize=256KB" -l "node=1, lun=11, type=meta" -l "node=1, lun=0, group=data_animasi_4"

i has try create 64KB for rg size, but invalid parameters, but if i not using the rgsize command the default is 1GB for rgsize after we check it "fs -a list -n FS -v"


Sorry for my English :)


Richard Oettinger posted this 24 March 2017

Hi Boby,

Promise does not recommend that you use the CLI to do any sysgtem configuration on the A-Class.

Use the GUI to create a File System and select the custom configuration option, creating any LUNs for your file system.

Regards, Richard