Retrieving data on my Pegasus3 R4 after having run Initialization by accident

  • Last Post 09 July 2018
Barry Sharp posted this 09 July 2018

On my Pegasus3 R4 (RAID-0) I had some 3.8 TB of data. With this unit mounted under Mac osX High Sierra running on an Apple iMac Pro I accidentally mistook this unit for a new R4 I had connected which needed to be Intialized, and instead ran Intialize on the wrong R4 (the one with 3.8 TB of data on it).

I did not catch this mistake until the Intialization had completed on the unit with 3,8 TB worth of data.

After the Intialization had completed the Finder displayed my 3.8 TB of data so I thought no worries. However, I rebooted my iMac Pro and the Pegasus3 R4 with the 3.8 TB of data would not mount. I tried using Disk Utility to mount the R4 which was displaying the R4 as being not mounted... no go. It simply will no longer mount.

So questions...

1) Is my data toasted/destroyed when the R4 was Initialized ?

2) Given I cannot mount the R4 what are my options now ?

3) Is there any way to force the R4 to be mounted ?

4) If the R4 cannot be mounted is there any way for me to access the 3.8 TB of data to have it backed up on another disk unit ?

Thank you for any help with this matter.

Pradeep Chidambaranath posted this 09 July 2018

Hi Barry,

As per our conversation on the phone, I have created the support ticket for this issue. Here is the Case ID: 20180709114032S for your reference.

Pradeep C