Replacing dead drive on Pegasus2 R8

  • Last Post 01 December 2023
Mia Eldekvist posted this 20 February 2020

I have a dead drive on a Pegasus2 R8, I have ordered a replacement which should arrive today. In regards to installing this new drive, will I have to do a rebuild and will rebuilding erase any data on the existing 7 drives?



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Raghuraman Kannan posted this 24 February 2020

Hi Mia,

Rebuilding will not erase any data in the Array. You will be able to rebuild any array (except RAID 0).

Please follow the below steps to start the rebuild on that drive.

- Make sure you plug the new drive when the unit is ON.

- Click on "Physical Drive" list in the Utility and make sure the replacement drive is showing up in the list 

- The status of that drive should be "Unconfigured" 

- If the status is "Passthru", then unlock the Utility and click on settings for that drive and change it to "Unconfigured"

- Confirm the settings .

- Then click on "Background Activities"

- Click on the Start button next to the Rebuild.

- Select the Source drive and the Target drive and Start the process.

- It will take 3-4 hoursto complete the process and you can see the progress in the bottom.

Thanks !

TOM ANG posted this 01 December 2023

Raghuraman, thanks for this explanation. The manual really should be updated to include your instructions. I was completely stumped until I came across the need to change the status to Unconfigured.