Replacing Bad HDD

  • Last Post 03 February 2023
Adam Wade posted this 02 February 2023

Using a Pagasus 3 R4 and one of the drives is no longer working (replacement drive is on the way). I am using this on MAC OS system and was curious how to setup the new drive when it arrives. Does the new drive need to be formatted to APFS before installing it into the Pegasus unit? On a second topic, this was a second hand purchase and I did not originally set this up, can someone point me to what it is I need to do to properly add this drive back into the currently running other 3 drive system so I don't screw everything up. Big ask but any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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R P posted this 03 February 2023

Hi Adam,

If the replacement drive is new then it should automatically rebuild when it's inserted into Slot 1.

Please do not format it.