Replacing all Hard Drives in a Pegasus 2 M4

  • Last Post 14 January 2024
Michael Clarke posted this 12 January 2024

I've just replaced all the hard drives in a Pegasus 2 M4 and I'm not sure what to do next. I have the Promise Utility installed on my Mac, but want to make sure it's all still running in RAID 5 mode. How do I do that please?



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Travis Winn posted this 14 January 2024

I am going to be doing the same thing shortly, will let you know.  My guess would be you need to use the Promise Utility to do it, I am a noobie on the Raid thing myself, but will be going through it shortly out of curiosity.  I did a search on google and found this, hopefully it helps.

Michael Clarke posted this 14 January 2024


I've looked through the various items available within the promise utility until I stumbled across the part that offered to format the drives as RAID 5. Once selected the drives whirred away for about 3 hrs until the process was complete. And yes that was after selecting disc array, and implementing that.

Good Luck with yours.