Replacing all drives in R2

  • Last Post 10 October 2017
tech dept posted this 10 October 2017

I need to upgrade an older unit's storage so have installed 4 new 4TB drives.  They all appear as passthroughs now and I'm not finding a way to build an array. What am I missing?

Venkatachalam Settu posted this 10 October 2017


Please find the below steps for manual Array Creation.

- Open Promise Utility,
- Click the lock symbol on the left bottom corner of the screen to unlock the utility
- Go to physical drive tab, click on 'settings' for the PD and change it from 'PassThru' to 'Unconfigured' and CONFIRM it.(Set all the drives to unconfigured state)

- Click on the 'wizard' option next to 'Dashboard' on the Promise Utility window.
- Choose 'Automatic', give a name for the 'Disk Array', choose the 'drives' you want to be apart of the Array and hit 'Next'.
- ON The 'Create Logical Drive' screen, name your 'Logical Drive', Select the 'RAID Level', select 'Add' & hit 'Next'.
- (If require) Now select 'Next' on the 'Create Spare Drive Screen' and then 'SUBMIT' & 'FINISH'.

The synchronization process would now start and will take 6-8 hours to complete, you could check the status of the same under background activities.

Note: In order to speed up the synchronization process, you can click Background Activities, Click -> Settings and then set the Background synchronization Rate to High.

Thank you.