Replacing All Drives in Pegasus32

  • Last Post 19 August 2020
Matt LHeureux posted this 17 August 2020

I can't find an 84TB Pegasus32 R6 so I intend to buy a base model and replace all the drives.  I see in the manual how to replace one drive, but I assume replacing one at a time is not the most efficient way to achieve my goal.  I'm going with Toshiba MG Series 14TB drives.

Can someone share the steps for the best way to replace all the drives in a brand new unit?  My questions start at should I mount it first on my Mac and get it setup as-is or instead should I swap all the drives before even powering up. Either way, what's next? 

Thanks in advance for your help.

Ranjith kumar posted this 19 August 2020

Hi Matt,

Kindly contact our sales for Pegasus32 R6 84TB of storage.
If you want to replace drives with 14TB, then suggest to replace all drives at a time.

-Shutdown the unit

-Remove all existing drives

-Insert new drives one by one and power on the unit.

-Using Promise utility, create a new array.

Use below kb link as reference to create an array:

If you still have an query, please reach us through

Thank you,


Promise Team