Replacing all drives in a Pegasus2 R8

  • Last Post 30 May 2020
Andi Meek posted this 29 May 2020

Hi,  I've replaced a single drive before for a rebuild and was told to leave the unit on and "hot swap" the drive. When replacing all drives to increase the overall size of the array, I presume that the entire unit needs to be powered off at the mains? Do I simply need to turn it off, remove the old drives, insert the new drives and then follow the directions to create a new volume that are listed elsewhere on the site?


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Ranjith kumar posted this 30 May 2020

Hi Andi,

Power off the Pegasus using Power button, remove all existing drives and insert new drives. 

Kindly use below kb link to create a new array:


Promise Team

Andi Meek posted this 30 May 2020

Thanks Ranjith,

Is it important that I let the synchronisation finish before I start using the drive? At 64TB I believe this will take a few days to synchronise.