Replacement Hard Drive For Promise Pegasus R8 24TB

  • Last Post 05 July 2021
Vincent Steib posted this 04 July 2021

I have a Promise Pegasus R8 24TB purchased on 02/12/2015. The hard drives are Seagate 3000GB, Model ST3000DM001, 7200RPM, Firmware:CC27.

What are the current replacement hard drives and what is the exact procedure to replace a hard drive?

Gautham Sakthi posted this 05 July 2021

Please refer to below document for list of hard drives,  

Here is the rebuilding Steps for New Drive :  

- Make sure you hot-plug the new drive

- Click on "Physical Drive" list in the Utility and make sure the replacement drive is showing up in the list

- The status of that drive should be "Unconfigured"

- If the status is "Passthru", then unlock the Utility and click on settings for that drive and change it to "Unconfigured"

- Confirm the settings .

- Then click on "Background Activities"

- Click on the Start button next to the Rebuild.

- Select the Source drive and the Target drive and Start the process.