Repacing Disk Raid 0

  • Last Post 07 March 2022
Chris Close posted this 05 March 2022

Dear Brains. I have an Pegasus 2 R8 showing a dead disk. I have a replacement but have read that if it is Raid 0 set up that could be an issue. I did not set the system up so am not 100% sure if it is Raid 0. I know it is a striped system to prevent losing info but it says Array0 in the Configuration column (please see screen grabs below). If it is Raid 0 can anyone point me in the direction of how to replace the failed disk?

Thank you,


Gautham Sakthi posted this 07 March 2022

Hello Chris,

The LD shows that it is RAID5 so you can go ahead and hot swap the dead drive then rebuild it using the background activities.