Remote back up with mirror

  • Last Post 21 October 2019
Fran├žois Delugeau posted this 19 October 2019

I allready use an Apollo1/2TB at home, and it is working fine.

Now my daughter (250 km away) have also a MacBook and I know she can use my Apollo for her Time machine backup (I understand the first backup will have to be done from my home).

But I am concerned that her internet speed may not be strong enough to have her backup process run smoothly when she is at her home (her connection is quite poor..)

So I am thinking about buying another identical Apollo and set it up as a mirror of mine but located at her home (after initial setup at my home)

If I do that : will that speed up her backup ? my thinking it that when she is at her place, her MacBook will connect to the Apollo also located at her place, IE on the same local network, instead of connecting to mine which is far away.

That would be perfect, that way both of us can have speedy backup, and I will now have a mirror and be even more secured.




Ranjith kumar posted this 21 October 2019

Hi Francois,

Apollo Mirror is used to mirror the contents of one Apollo to another Apollo for redundancy purpose.
So in future, if primary Apollo cloud got failed due to some issue, then secondary Apollo cloud
will act as primary Apollo cloud and you will be able to access the data from it.

To mirror the another Apollo cloud, it should be unclaimed. So here, you cannot use Mirrored Apollo cloud
for TimeMachine backup  or storing data for another user. The data which will be available to Primay Apollo cloud will be
mirrored to the secondary Apollo cloud.

Also note once you setup Mirrored Apollo cloud, it will not show at Apollo cloud utility. Only if
primary Apollo cloud failed, then Mirrored Apollo cloud will show at Apollo utility.



Promise Team