Red light = dead disk

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Sander Coumou posted this 3 weeks ago

There's a red light on of the drive bays. The promise utility says the drive is dead. Can i just replace the drive? Should it be exact the same type?

R P posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Sander,

If the Pegasus has the default configuration, it's a RAID5 volume and if you replace the failed drive with the same size drive or larger an auto-rebuild should start.

There is a new issue in that some new drives show as passthru, if you see this in Promise Utility change the drive to unconfigured then make it a spare and an auto-rebuild should start.

For Pegasus32 the drives are probably still being manufactured, so replacing with the same drive is best. While any drive of the same size can be used, staying with the same manufacturer will help as the drives will have similar characteristics.