Rebuilding with working drives is not working

  • Last Post 20 July 2021
Ben Allan posted this 17 July 2021

Hi there,

I've had my pegasus for a long time as a Raid 0 with four drives I bought seperatly from the Pegasus- this is the first time i've had any issues-

I had a failed attempt to moved to PC. I took all the drives out reformatting them and used them in the PC. Now i've moved back to mac (cause Windows 10 is the worst lol) and although I am not getting any warnings of problems in the Promise Utility (all are green in the system status) No ammount of Formatting, Rebuilding, media patrol or Initalization seems to work.

Although I admit I can't exactly remember what I did last time but I think it was the Wizard and in it's current state I cannot click on any of those buttons. Any thoughts? Thanks kindly

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Raghuraman Kannan posted this 17 July 2021

Hi Ben,

Normally, if there is no data in the unit, you can format it via Disk utility to start using it.


Since you have already tried it, check the status of the drives in "Physical Drive" tab of the Utility. You can use the Wizard only if the drives are Unconfigured. If they are in "Passthru" mode you have to unlock the utility and change them to unconfigured. Then you can use the Wizard to configure Array and the logical drive.

Thanks !




Ben Allan posted this 17 July 2021

Oh wow thanks for the fast response. Okay some more info here- After formatting the drive will come up. I can use it but when I restart the computer it will forget and I get the "disk you inserted was not readable by the computer" message.


Under physical drive tab I get Array0 No. 0 (-3 for all four drives respectively)

Under DIsk Array it says it's 16TB (which the combination of all drives. I want it raided to 0 so it should say 8TB.

Under Logical Drives it also says 16TB Raid 0, 1MB (I set this to try and fix it earlier)


I couldn't work out how to unconfigure sorry? But maybe thats not an option for the above configuration. Sorry i'm really not sure what I'm doing. Thanks so much for your help!

Raghuraman Kannan posted this 20 July 2021


If you do not have any data in the Pegasus, you can format it in Disk utility so that these notifications will stop.

RAID 0 will give you the complete capacity. It will not have any fault tolerance and a single drive failure will cause data loss. So, prepared to have backup if you want RAID 0.

From your explanation, I assume you wanted to go for RAID 10 as that will give you the storage capacity you are looking for. If you want to change it to RAID 10, you have to delete the Logical Drive and re-create it after backing up the data..

IIf you need assistance , you can always reach us at 408-645-3469

Thanks !