read/write speed difference between RAID5 RAID6 and RAID10

  • Last Post 13 July 2023
ron Brinkmann posted this 13 July 2023

Is there a rule-of-thumb for differences in read and write speed between various RAID setups? I'm specifically looking at the Promise32 R4 (with 4x10TB drives) but if anybody has even rough comparisons between the various RAID schemes that'd be useful too...

R P posted this 13 July 2023

Hi Ron,

This article give a quick rundown alhough the minimum number of drives for Promise RAID is different.

Another quick rundown...

RAID 10: fastest, fault tolerance is up to half the drives, but if the wrong 2 drives fail the RAID is down.

RAID  5: Slightly slower in writes due to parity generation and writing it back to disk. One drive can fail.

RAID  6: Writes are slower than RAID 5 for due to generating 2 parity stripes. Unlike RAID 10 any two drives can fail and the storage will stay online.

Most people use RAID5. The Pegasus32 ships by default with all the drives in a RAID5.