R6 won't mount to iMac or turn off with the power button

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David Arnold posted this 3 weeks ago

I have been having issues with my pegisis R6 since i had a drive failure. It was a 6TB unit that i then replaced with 6 x 4TB drives and set up in raid 6 with a hot spare. once is was all set up, it has been dropping out/ ejecting from my imac. I would have to unplug the thunderbolt lead and plug it back in again, and then after a while (60 sec maybe) it would show up again. then ofter a few minutes-hour the mac would send a warning about ejecting a disk properly as the raid droped out again.

Then this morning, i can not get it to mount or be recognised by the imac at all.

I also note that the power button appears to no be responding. pusshing it or holding it does nothing.

I am wondering if there is an internal power supply issue maybe like filter caps or something causing issues.

Imac (late 15) big sir OS.

Any tips would be great as this is used as out primary photo storage.



Gautham Sakthi posted this 2 weeks ago

Hello David,

Have you tried using a different thunderbolt cable ?

If it still does not work then check by connecting the unit without any drives inserted, open Promise Utility to verify if it see the unit.

Save a subsystem report, create a support case by going to support.promise.com and attach the report so we can check further.