R6 is incredibly slow

  • Last Post 18 May 2017
Luke Chisholm posted this 18 May 2017

I have a Pegasus R6, I think it's the first iteration of it.

I'm running it in RAID 5 - 10TB logical drive size.


It used to be lightning but now it's taking over 10 hours to copy 1Tb to my Macs SSD!!!

There are events coming up in the utility saying PD6 has minor issues and is timing out. Then the info says drive restarted???


See attached screenshot.

Should I be replacing this disk and rebuilding? The blue lights are still on though?


I tried to register it and submit a support case but it was insanely complex so I'm asking for some help here.

Thanks in advance!



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Devendra Kumar posted this 18 May 2017

Hi Luke,

Based on the picture, I could see that PD6 has encountered multiple command times out error which indicates the drive may fail any point of time. Please replace with PD6 and perform rebuild on the new drive.