R4 Disk Array / Logical Drive disappear

  • Last Post 16 February 2020
Christopher Rosien posted this 14 February 2020

I came home to the R4 off. I powered it up and the one drive configured as a PassThru is still there but the other drive that had been part of a mirror (the third drive died a month ago) has "devolved" to Unconfigured. It's as though everything about that original Disk Array / Logical Drive has been lost.

I have a backup so it's just annoying but I would like to understand what has happened. Why would the Disk Array / Logical Drive info be dumped without the disk going bad? Or did it go bad and that information was dumped when then the R4 turned off? Thanks!

Ranjith kumar posted this 16 February 2020

Hi Christopher,

Kindly attach the the subsystem report in the created case id:20200215120019S to assist you




Promise Team