R2+ dead after firmware update

  • Last Post 29 October 2019
Ray Mazeika posted this 19 October 2019

I have a Pagasus2 R2+ that appears to be bricked after the firmware update.  I running a mac 10.14.3.  I've been using this drive for years as a backup to the main hard drive.  A couple weeks ago I opened the promise utility app and did an update.  Since then I can't access the drive.  The promise utility app just has spinning circles.  The apple disk utility can see the Pegasus2 but can't access the drive.  I tried to erase but get an error message.

Any help to bring this thing back online is appreciated.  The data on the drives are not important.  





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Wendy Wei posted this 28 October 2019

Please submit your request to our support system at: https://support.promise.com.

Thank you.


Raghuraman Kannan posted this 29 October 2019

Hi Ray,

Please shutdown the unit and eject the drives. Power ON the empty chassis and check if the unit powers ON with Blue Power light. You can then try launching the Utility to see if it loads (Utility will only load if the device is detected and functional).

You can also check the MAC System report (Apple Icon - About this MAC - System Report - Thunderbolt) to see if the Pegasus is showing up. This will help us to isolate if the problem is with the drives or the Chassis.

Thanks !