Proomise Pegasus R4 with 4 1TB disks - 2 disk failure

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William A (Andy) Adamson posted this 2 days ago

I have a 10 year old Pegasus R4 raid enclosure with four 1 terabyte disks. Friday November 19th, the disk in bay 1 failed, and Promise Utility declared it Dead. So I shut down the R4 and re-seated the disk. When I turned the R4 back on, the disks in bay 1 AND the disk in bay 2 had a red light, and Promise Utility said they were both dead.

Thinking I was not going to be able to recover the data, I replaced the two disks and was preparing to reformat the R4 when I read on this forum that there may be a way to recover data.

I still have the 2 dead disks, and know which bay each disk occupied. Is there any hope of recovering any data if I put the disks back where they were?



-->Andy Adamson

R P posted this 2 days ago

Hi Andy,

Given what you've posted recovery seems likely.

Please open a terminal and enter promiseutil to start the promise CLI.

Then enter...


And copy and paste the output here.

I am told that zip files can be uploaded now, if you could save a service report and zip it, you should be able to upload it.