Pegasus2 R6 RAID 0 unrecognisable

  • Last Post 25 January 2022
Branko Popovic posted this 23 January 2022

Hi all,

hope someone had a similar experience or can help since Promise tech 'geniuses' can't figure out their own hardware.

We had a RAID 0 setup of 6 HDDs on Pegasus2 R6 - we took them all out and put in 4 new HDDs (faster and with more capacity just to check if the unit will accept new disks) and then we set up new RAID 0 (with those 4 HDDs and two empty slots). It worked fine, so we took those 4 out and put in old 6 HDDs, but now the unit 'expects' only 4 HDDs and it 'recognises' only first 4 HDDs and won't mount the remaining 2 HDDs rendering old RAID 0 unrecognisable.

Any suggestion is much appreciated.

Thanks, Branko

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R P posted this 24 January 2022

Hi Branko,

All array/LD information is stored on the disks in an area called DDF (Disk Data Format). The Pegasus knows nothing about any previously configured disks.

My best guess is that you hot swapped the disks very quickly, before the Pegasus recognized the eject event.

You should always power the Pegasus off before swapping a disk set, then power up after swapping the disks.

If you have not done do, power down the Pegasus and power it back up.

Branko Popovic posted this 25 January 2022

Hi, yes, I was confused to why it would happen as disks sets were always removed/installed when the unit was off.