PROMISE Vess R2600i

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admvr admvr posted this 24 May 2021


Good day! please tell me. We have lost the password and ip address for connecting to the vess r2600i storage. The question is, how can I reset it to factory settings or how can I connect to it?

R P posted this 24 May 2021

Hi Admvr,

The best way to reset things is to use a serial cable to connect to the Vess. Promise ships (2) with each Vess R2600i.

If you can't find the serial cable, you can buy them from many different vendors on the net. This google search should help.

The serial settings should be 115200 baud, 8N1 and no flow control.

If you don't have a serial cable and then it gets a bit more difficult.

If the management port is DHCP then you can discover the IP with an IP scanner. There are many free IP scanners. Here is a list of 10.  

You can tell which is the Promise device by the MAC address, it will have the Promise vendor code and look like this.  

You will see 01:55 in the MAC address in the 2nd and 3rd octets, you can see the IP to the left.

This won't work if there is a static IP set on a different network.   As for Password Reset, this KB should help.

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