Promise Utility is reporting "Bad Sector found on physical disk" - on PD3 in a RAID-5 Pegasus2 R6

  • Last Post 17 October 2020
Barry Sharp posted this 15 October 2020

I'm seeing "Bad Sector..." messages marked as "Minor" for my Pegasus2 R6 on PD 3. The unit continues to operate both for reading and writing.

Can I assume the 'bad sector' has been flawed and placed on the 'bad sector' list/table area on PD 3 provided by the Toshiba 2TB manufacturer, and that the data found on the bad sector has been written to a good sector?

I hope this is the case, and when I will soon replace PD 3 and setup a 'rebuild' all will be well again without any loss of data.

Am I correct in the above ?

Ranjith kumar posted this 17 October 2020

Hi Barry,

We need to very the subsystem report to find the RAID volume you have.

If it's RAID5, yes rebuild will begin at new drive without loss of data.

Please rech us through for quick response.

Thank you,

Promise Team