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  • Last Post 19 August 2020
Joo Kim posted this 17 August 2020

Hi everyone! I could really use some help!

My friend is in need of help getting his Pegasus R4 storage back up as he has many important documents in this Pegasus NAS storage. He is not able to acces his nas drive via thunderbolt cable

He is computer illiterate, but it doesnt help that I dont use apple computers and I am in LA and he is in San Diego.

It seems like he has issues connecting/mounting the Pegasus to his Mac Mini via thunderbolt cable.

From research it could be nvram enable legacy orom behavior due to his updated OS, system integrity protection being enabled in newer OSs that may not recognize the Pegasus anymore.

Or It could come down to just a bad HDD, bad raid setting.

My question is, can I send him or have him purchase an external HDD enclosure (powered)

have him pop out the 1 of 4 HDD from the Pegasus, and plug it directly into the mini mac via usb?

would he be able to access the many hardrives in his Pegasus this way?

It would really help thank you!

it looks like this

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Ranjith kumar posted this 19 August 2020

Hi Joo Kim,

Could you confirm with your friend, the power light status when  connecting the Pegasus R4 to Mac using Thunderbolt cable and powering on?

Have he checked with swapping the Thunderbolt cable at different port of Pegasus and Mac?

Or checked with different Thunderbolt cable?

Please reach us through for quick assistance.

Thank you,


Promise Team