Promise Pegasus32 R6 on MacOSX - encryption and format advice needed please.

  • Last Post 26 January 2020
Peter Welch posted this 24 January 2020

As a new user to Pegasus Promise drives, I've just recevied a Pegasus32 R6 24TB and want to work in Raid 5 as delivered. However I need to do two things; encrypt the drive so it's password protected and secondly make a decison re Mac OS Extended Jounaled (Encrypted) or APFS (Encrypted) format? Would the more experience users make their recommendations? I also can't see any way of applying such encryption via the Promise Utility so make a assumption (I know very dangerous to do so) that using Mac OSX Disk Utility is the only method available?

The primary use for the drive is video capture / playback.

Thank you in advance

Raghuraman Kannan posted this 26 January 2020

Hi Peter,

Promise Utility will allow you to create only a RAW Volume. You can format the Pegasus in Disk Utility to either Mac OS Extended Jounaled (Encrypted) or APFS (Encrypted) format.

Also there is no option to create password for the Pegaus volume via Utility. You have to create the password using the MAC OS.  

Thanks !