Promise Pegasus2 R4 | Upgrade with 4x 4TB-SSDs

  • Last Post 08 July 2020
Brian G posted this 07 July 2020

Dear all,

I have been running a Promise Pegasus2 R4 with the four factory default Toshiba HDDs (4TB each). It still works like a charm which is why I see no reason to replace it.

Now, I would like to upgrade it with four 4TB SSDs from Samsung (Samsung 860 QVO) but I don't know whether or not this will work.

Does anybody have any similar constellation?

Thank you so much for any reply.

Ranjith kumar posted this 08 July 2020

Hi Brian,

Sorry,Pegasus2 R4 doesn't support SSD drives, so it will not work.

Kindly use below link to download the compatibility list for Pegasus2:


Promise Team