PROMISE Pegasus2 R2+ CF/SD Media Bay / 6TB with 3TB SATA -Orange Light unresponsive issue

  • Last Post 26 September 2019
Don Larson posted this 24 September 2019

My unit as noted above has worked flawlessly until now. The above issue froze the unit in an orange light mode and was unresponsive to turn off or on. I unplugged the unit and left it off for a weekend to return, plug back in and the unit again was unresponsive for 5-8 minutes wherein it pulsed the fan and went into the normal blue light operational mode.

During it unresponsive period, the MAC was not seeing the drive.

Lastly, is there some type of updates or maintenence that should be performed at certain intervals?

Raghuraman Kannan posted this 26 September 2019

Hi Don,

There is no need of any Maintenance during the period it is not in use. 

When you are not using it, just un-mount the Volume and shut-down the unit. To re-use it , just Power ON the MAC and the Pegasus., the volume should mount . 

Also , let us know if the Pegasus is working now and if you are able to access the Volume ?

Thanks !