Promise Pegasus R6 - No Compatible Hard Drives available

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James Sykes posted this 4 weeks ago

I was hoping someone could advise us please.

We have a Promise Pegasus R6 with 6 x 3TB Seagate Barracuda (ST3000DM001) running on a RAID 1. This unit and drives we're bought in late 2013. 

It's a great unit and we've never had an issue with the system. 

However about a week ago one drive failed (as is to be expected) and we rebuild the sytem, we had a spare drive (ST3000DM001) on the shelf bought in 2013, as a backup incase a drive failed. 

We now need to get a few more back-up drives as this is going to happen again at somepoint. 

I've looked at your PDF document from 03/11/2016 (Pegasus+R4_R6+Compatibility+List+v1.17-20160311) and all the drives you recommend for use in the R6 are now End of Life and can't be sourced.

We sent you an email but never got a response. We then went on yor Live Chat and have been told this unit is now a legacy product and there will no longer be an update on the compatibility list. I also read you are no longer creating any further firmware updates for this unit.

Can you confirm this unit is now no longer supported?

What drives are we supposed to use for the unit now? 

Any help gratefully receievd! 




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James Sykes posted this 4 weeks ago


Can somone from Promise please come back to me regarding the above issue. 

Many thanks

Venkatachalam Settu posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi James,

Please try to buy the below mentioned 3TB drives.

James Sykes posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi Venkatachalam,

Thank you for the reply. 

The list above is from the Pegasus2 Compaibility list (02/15/17).

As I have the first generation Pegasus 1 can you confirm that these drives will still be compatible?

Have they been tested on the Pegasus 1? 

Many thanks

Pradeep Chidambaranath posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi James,

The Pegasus 1st generation units has reached its end of life and moved to our legacy list. There will not be any hardware or software update available for this unit. That being said, you can very well use the Pegasus 2 compatible drives on a Pegasus 1 unit that shouldn't be an issue.

Pradeep C