Promise Pegasus 48TB will not power up at all

  • Last Post 20 January 2023
Paul Burgess posted this 05 December 2021

I have moved office and now the 48`TB will not even power up.

No lights, nothing whjen powewr is attched.

Of course `i checked the lead has power. Any ideas anyone?


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R P posted this 06 December 2021

Hi Paul,

Older Tunderbolt 2 Pegasuses should power up when the power cord is plugged in. The Thunderbolt 3 Pegasus won't power up unless the power is plugged in and the TB3 cable is plugged into a MAC.

If it's not powering on with the power cable, then something has gone bad. The most likely candidate is the power supply.

Try unplugging the power to the Pegasus 2, unseating the drives (don't pull them out) and plugging it in. If the power supply is marginal the Pegasus may power up here. If it does not then the power supply is likely dead. If it does power up, unplug the power, insert the drives and then the power cable. There's a slight chance that once the power supply is cold started, it may successfully warm start immediatly afterwards.

If it's still dead, then a chassis replacement will be needed. And it does not have to be a Pegasus 2, the drives should be readable in any Pegasus of the same family or newer.

Art Bell posted this 20 January 2023

The only plroblem is Promise does not sell CHASSIS only.