Hi all.

We have a setup in a customer with a MacMini M2 32GB 512GB SSD 10BT connected to a Promise Pegasus 32 R8 with a Thunderbolt Cable (the original one that came with Promise unit. 

The Promise unit is in RAID 6 and formated in Mac OS Extended Journaling system.

The Mac mini is network sharing (SMB) the Promise unit to a 10Gb Network connecting using a 10Gb Switch.

Client Macs are Mac Studio M2 with Mac OS Sonoma latest version and connected to the 10Gb Switch also.

When we copy around 20GB of files thru this network setup to the Promise unit, the copy process randomly freezes the MacMini (server) and also the client Mac that was doins the copy.

The only wait to keep working is to reboot the Mac client and also the Max mini (acting as a server).

Could it be because of the Mac OS Extended Journaling format used in the Promise Pegasus volume?

Can we convert or  format the Promise Unit to APFS and if so, will it work ok? I have read that APFS is more proper to SSD, not HDD.


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