Promise Pegasus 2 R6 cleaning dust from inside case

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Scott Frizzle posted this 2 weeks ago

I have noticed a fair amount of dust buildup in the spaces between the drives in my Pegasus 2 R6.  I'd like to take each drive out one at a time to clean out the dust, but wanted to be sure that I won't lose any data in the process.  I've done this procedure before on other RAID systems, but I figured I'd double check here just in case.

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arunkumar b posted this 2 weeks ago

 Hi Scott,

Please make sure to eject the volume, shutdown the Pegasus unit and remove the drives to clean out the dust.

Once this process is done.Please power up the unit to check if the volume is mounted and also open utility to see everything is OK.





J Cashel posted this 3 days ago

I've read others say they have done a power down, removed drives for cleaning, and reinstalled and powered up to find all drives were red light (dead). Terminal commands were required to force activation of the drive.

Perhaps they forgot 1) eject and then 2) power down? I just want to make sure those are the only two steps required before attempting cleaning.

I see the "Transport" procedure in Promise Utility. Is that even safer?