The problem occurred after the latest update to MacOS and was working fine before so I'm suspicious of that but then again could have been coincidence.  R6 boots fine, mounts fine and Finder shows content.  But, if I try to import from any program (Final Cut, iMovie,etc) the rainbow wheel of death will come as it appears to get lost and send Final Cut into "not responding" mode.

The R6 Drives will flicker as if being accessed for a good 3 minutes and then stop.  Finder will also do this if you start looking around the drive and I have to relaunch Finder.  

Latest Promise Utility boots up fine and gives all the info it should.  Yesterday when trying again I got an "out of memory" error while in Final Cut? 

MacBookPro 15-inch 2016, 2.7 Intel i7, 16 Gig Memory - Final Cut.  R6 purchased in 2011.  Any chance some driver updates happened that I didn't get?  Connected thru Thunderbolt 2 cable with adapter for Mac.