Power Outage leads to all physical drives failing

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Paul Franks posted this 5 weeks ago

Hi all,


I'm currently running a Pegasus 32 r8 as a RAID5 on a Windows 11 laptop and had a split-second power outage today....Pegasus was plugged into a surge protector and everything, but upon startup and run in the Promise Utility I'm being shown that all of the physical drives have died. Is there any way to fix/fully restart this? Did all of the drives really die just like that? I did submit a support ticket, but I wanted to see if anyone else has ever run into this issue....just seems like everything has crashed out far too easily. 

Paul Franks posted this 4 weeks ago

ok, so after sending in the suppor ticket a Promise rep reached out to me and connected to my computer via the TeamViewer app....they managed to bring all of my drives back to life in less than 10 minutes (Drives are 'listed' as dead, but not actually dead). RAID5 is currently rebuilding, and after that all should be well.

If anyone ever has this issue as well, create a support ticket and follow their steps from there. Excellent technical/customer service, and problem resolved quickly!