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  • Last Post 10 October 2018
Chilly Willy posted this 23 June 2018

Hi, I am currently using Apollo as a storage device for all my movies, photos etc and I have my Plex server running on my local machine.

Question, can I install a Plex server on Apollo Could 2 Duo so I don't have to keep my local machine running at all times? 

My guess is no since Apollo is just a cloud file server and it does not have an OS to run the server but I figured I'd check just to make sure



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Venkatachalam Settu posted this 23 June 2018

Apollo Cloud is a small, quiet appliance that allows you to privately and securely store your data. Manage and store your files without the limitations and cost and then with much more privacy. It is not possible to install Plex server on Apollo Could 2 Duo unit.

Chilly Willy posted this 25 June 2018

That's what I figured. thanks for the response. 

David Engle posted this 10 October 2018

So since the Voyo doesn't appear to be an extraordinary Plex media server alternative is there something different you can suggest? I'm looking to setup a different gadget as a committed Plex media server however I'm planning to not spend more than $200. I have USB hard drives that I will use for the capacity so I simply require something to do the handling and systems administration I guess.