please help for the uploading videos' issue.

  • Last Post 17 April 2018
沛 李 posted this 31 March 2018

Hello everyone, The first issue is now i want to use IPad to upload some videos connect with Apollo cloud machine(the first Gen of 2T) in different IP address. but it was not working for that. if i uploaded videos by same IP address, then it worked. so that i dont know why for that. In addition, my boss said he watched videos from apollo cloud was too slow(In different IP address). my home internet speed was 4m. i did not know it related to my home internet?  Thanks for someone's help.   Regards Roy

Wendy Wei posted this 17 April 2018

Hi, not sure if you have already solved this issue.  If not, sorry for late reply and please send your questions to our tech support at:  Thanks you.