Physical Drive Swap

  • Last Post 17 March 2021
Mikhail Bordulev posted this 17 March 2021

Hi All! I have Promise VESS R2600fi storage and I've got one question. If I inserted the drive which has been used in another drive slot -  it shows me the previous config (for example - Array1 SeqNo10), but now it is in Array2 and inserted in another drive slot. So the question is how can I clean or erase the previous disk config to make the status "Unconfigured"? Is it even posible? 

Any help will be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

R P posted this 17 March 2021

Hi Mikhail,

I hope you did not remove a disk from an online array.

To delete the DDF you'll have to delete the array on that disk.

I suggest extreme caution, you don't want to delete any arrays with data you may have.

My suggestion, when the unit is not in production, shutdown the Vess properly, then when the unit has powered off, unseat all the drives but that drive you moved that you want to make unconfigured. Then power the Vess back on with just that drive inserted. When it has booted delete any arrays you see, If you use the CLI you can just delete the arrays (any LDs it contains will be deleted too). If you use WebPAM you'll have to delete any logical drives before you delete the array. Then your drive will be unconfigured.

Then do a proper shutdown of the Vess off again, re-insert the rest of the drives and power the Vess back on.

This is the safest way.