PegasusR4 is NOT working under Ventura 13.2.1 Apple MacStudio M1 Max

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Eelko Ferwerda posted this 17 March 2023

Yesterday is was busy all day trying to get my old but still good PegasusR4 mounted on my desktop. Finally it succeeded (don't know how) and i could copy files to it. When i was finished i shut down my computer. 

Today i started up my computer and the PegasusR4 is not mounted.. Even after re-installing the drivers and going through the installation manual. 

Its a big shame. Don't let them fool 

And the Promise Utility is not working either. It opens but it does not mount a thing. 

I hope someone found a way to get it mounted more than once

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Babatunde Akinkuolie posted this 17 March 2023

Please load the latest Pegasus 32 M1 user space driver if it is an M1 MAC. It is backwards compatible with the Pegasus.

Please note that the latest Pegasus  firmware will be required for use with an M1 MAC or there will be disconnect issues.

This is Service Release 3.0.2, firmware version 5.02.0000.98 which is the latest version.

You will need to use an older promise utility version to update the firmware if available


Eelko Ferwerda posted this 17 March 2023


R_SI_504000061.img is a corrupt file. Like more firmwares in the download section. 

Please provide a working .img

I installed: 

i installed:

Babatunde Akinkuolie posted this 17 March 2023

After downloading the firmware, You will need to use the Promise utility to update the firmware

Promise Utility – Version 4.00.0000.09

Refer to the Product Manual on how to update the firmware (Page 131-132)

Eelko Ferwerda posted this 17 March 2023

Dear, thank u for your help but i can't do anything with Promise Utility.. Everything is greyed out as i sent u the screenshots... 

So.. there is no admin dropdown menu.. 

Babatunde Akinkuolie posted this 17 March 2023

Kindly untrash the Promise Utility and install

Promise Utility – Version 4.00.0000.09

Eelko Ferwerda posted this 17 March 2023

Dear Babatunde


This the same file with the same results. It doesn't work.

Its not the hardware as u can see in the attachment. Its the soiftware which is failing all the time. 


Eelko Ferwerda posted this 17 March 2023


R P posted this 17 March 2023

Hi Eelko,

The latest Pegasus 1 firmware is v5.04.0000.61, the link above is correct.

But there is a bug in the latest Pegasus Utility and it won't update firmware on older Pegasus units. This should be fixed in the next release. But you can update the firmware from a slightly older Pegasus Utility, v4.06.0000.01 works with the Pegasus 2 and should work with the Pegasus 1 as well.

That said, if the Pegasus shows in the system profiler and does not mount, check Disk Utility. If you see the volume but it does not mount, the filesystem probably needs to be repaired.

Eelko Ferwerda posted this 18 March 2023


Crazy enough i got it mounted. A few times in a that looks promising ;)

Only i can't get a firmware update done. 

Installed R_Promise_Utility_406000001

and it recognised the mounted Pegasus. 

But when i selected the firmware (R_SI_504000061) i got this message:

Eelko Ferwerda posted this 23 March 2023


Robert Giammanco posted this 03 April 2023

Isn't firmware R_SI_604000046 the latest from the downloads page?

The link above is for R_SI_504000046 (a whole version earlier)?

I am having user space kernel panics with Ventura 13.3 on my Pegasus32 R4 12TB unit, trying to solve. I was going to try this new firmware, but it looks like it is old firmware in the link above compared to what is on the downloads page.

R P posted this 05 April 2023


While the driver and Promise Utility are backwards compatible, Pegasus firmware is not. To update a Pegasus1 the firmware from the Pegasus1 downloads must be used and the latest is v5.04.0000.61.

That being said, Elko, please check what firmware you have, an update may not be needed.