PegasusPro R8: trying to get "External" to work, but fails

  • Last Post 09 December 2021
Maik Waschfeld posted this 07 December 2021

Using and learning a new PegasusPro R8.

Can't get an "External" drive to appear within WebPAM Insight to configure.

It just mounts on the connected MacMini.

Tried with HFS+ and exFAT.

Should the external drive be formated as GUID or MBR?






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R P posted this 07 December 2021

Hi Maik,

WebPAM Insight is accessible through the management Ethernet ports. You will need to have an ethernet connection to the management ports.

By default DHCP is enabled.

You can then access WebPAM Insight through the Pegasus Utility Pro.

Select the top box on the left for Ethernet connected devices, then select the Pegasus Pro and click Log In.

You don't need to login to the Pegasus Pro Utility unless you want to use Fileboost.

Click in the tripe-dot menu in the upper left and click Manage Device.

The Pegaus Utility Pro will open a WebPAM InSight window or tab in Safari.

R P posted this 08 December 2021

Hi Maik,

Upon rereading this may be a different issue.

I plugged an 8GB USB drive into my Pegasus Pro R8.

And the drive shows up in WebPAM InSight.

But it does not show on the MAC desktop.

What kind and size USB drive are you using and to which USB port is it attached?

Maik Waschfeld posted this 09 December 2021


Yes, you're right, it was a completely different issue.

After all, it isn't an issue at all.

I misunderstood the description.

It won't let any tb3-connected device get integrated as "External Folder", besides, maybe, a Pegasus3 or Pegasus32?

The integration just works for the usb3-ports, am I right?

tb3-connected devices will mount on my MacMini, connected to the "other" tb3-port.


is there any manual for the ssh-client of the PegasusPro somewhere?

Regards and thanks for the rereading ...



R P posted this 09 December 2021

Hi Maik,

You can ssh to the Pegasus Pro's management port IP, use the same credentials you use to login to InSight.

It will take you to the Promise CLI. The Pegasus Pro CLI more similar to the VTRak CLI than the Pegasus Utility CLI. I am not aware of any document for the CLI, but if you type 'help' it will show you all the commands and if you append a -h after a command it will show you the command syntax and options, for example...

phydrv -h
pool -h

Maik Waschfeld posted this 09 December 2021


Perfect and very helpfull description!


Regards ...

... Maik